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Battery Recycling Market and Challenge

December 1, 2022

What viewers will learn:

While this industry is working out challenges to processes and profits, new regulations and recycling methods are adapting to help move the industry forward. Watch a battery being dismantled in preparation for discharging and recycling.

  • Recent developments in the battery recycling industry
  • Future trends and solutions
  • How much will battery recycling be able to keep up with demand?

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Benefits of Using Silicon Carbide in Next Generation Programmable Power Test Solutions

June 13, 2022

What viewers will learn:

The many benefits of using silicon carbide (SiC) technology to create next generation programmable power supplies and test solution.

  • How incorporating advanced SiC reduces magnetics size due to high switching frequency.
  • Why investing in advanced SiC reduces costs for higher voltage (greater than 500V).
  • How using advanced SiC contributes to better reliability and mean time before failure (MTBF).

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Benefits of Autoranging DC Power Supplies in Test Applications

December 16, 2021

Join Elektro-Automatik experts to see how to more effectively use Autoranging in Power Supply Test Routines. Download this on-demand webcast to learn to apply Autoranging to your tests today.

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NI & EA Collaborate on Flexible Battery Validation Solution Improving Test Efficiency & Scalability

October 21, 2021

The battery pack is the single most costly EV component and has the largest impact on design and performance (size, weight, acceleration, range, charge time, and vehicle life).

Join this session to learn how integrating EA Elektro-Automatik’s bidirectional, regenerative power supplies with NI’s battery test solutions gives EV test engineers and lab managers more flexible battery cycling configurations, quicker response time for new power level test requirements, and higher levels of lab automation. This joint effort accelerates the path to Zero Emissions by shortening time to market and improving safety and performance throughout the lifecycle of the battery.

Register for the webinar to discover more about this new collaborative solution empowering the EV industry.

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Future-Proof Your Power Supply Investment with the Autoranging Advantage

October 7, 2021

Autoranging power supplies have a more dynamic power profile scaling current up as voltage drops and vice versa to maintain full power over the widest range.

While other autoranging power supplies start to lose power before dropping to even 50% of their rated output voltage, Elektro-Automatik’s true autoranging capability provides full power down to 33% of the rated output voltage. Simply put, autoranging allows you to test more with one device.

  • Learn how autoranging extends your power supply’s testing range in one device
  • Avoid oversizing the power supply or buying multiple supplies when one autoranging supply will do
  • Save space and budget while future-proofing your investment for new testing requirements yet to come

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Simplified EV Battery & Fuel Cell Testing with Regenerative DC Loads: Save Costs and the Environment

August 17, 2021

Simplified, cost-effective testing of EV batteries and fuel cells with regenerative DC electronic loads, and bidirectional DC power supplies that incorporate them, can return up to 96% of the energy absorbed by the load to the power grid. This energy-conscious approach to test saves utility costs and HVAC costs, reduces cooling fan size and noise, reduces cooling infrastructure for high power instruments and reduces overall impact on the test environment and the larger environment as a whole. Register for the webinar to learn more.


  • Benefits of simulating and testing Fuel Cells with regenerative electronic loads
  • Advantages of Testing Fuel Cells with 96% Efficient Regenerative Electronic Loads
  • “Green” Testing of EV batteries and Fuel Cells with Regenerative Electronic Loads
  • Save costs and the environment using regenerative electronic loads for EV battery and fuel cell test.
  • Regenerative electronic loads for testing EV batteries and Fuel Cells – save costs and the environment

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Advantages of Using Bidirectional, Regenerative DC Supplies for EV Power and Drivetrain Test

April 19, 2021

Automotive electronics are changing in dramatic ways and the automotive world is racing into a disruptive future. The market demand for reduction in the use of fossil fuels is driving the inexorable move toward electrified vehicles. The complexity of testing the whole spectrum of electronic devices and systems within this new breed of vehicles is placing higher demands on test equipment used in the design and manufacturing. Where once this technology area was centered on electronic ignition systems, navigation systems, adaptive cruise control systems, lighting and infotainment, the rapid emergence of electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrids (HEVs) is now concerned with higher power, high-energy power conversion systems and drive trains. It is not only the battery and drive train electronics, but also the power conversion systems required to interface these systems with myriad low-voltage systems. These demands are driving innovation in test equipment manufacturers to produce programmable power sources and programmable electronic loads that can accommodate the needs for higher power, faster response, the capability of simulating complex operating scenarios and doing all of this with higher efficiency. Enter bidirectional, programmable DC power supplies with integrated regenerative electronic loads.

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