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More flexible testing technology for electric vehicles

Battery-powered consumer vehicles have gotten a lot of press lately, but that’s not the whole story. Manufacturers are working equally hard on electrifying commercial and industrial vehicles, and automotive electronics continues to evolve. Automotive electronics used to be focused on entertainment, navigation and comfort systems. Now the focus is on electric drive trains and energy management systems, and this means that test engineers have to be concerned with higher power and higher voltages. Perhaps the biggest challenge that automotive test engineers face is how to keep up with the changing test requirements, while at the same time, avoid buying new test equipment every few months.

To do this, they need flexible test equipment. EA Elektro-Automatik’s line of DC power supplies, electronic loads, and bidirectional power supplies all have features that allow them to test today’s designs and still meet future needs. EA’s PSI, EL, ELR, and PSB product series can output up to 2000 V, have true autoranging, and on-board arbitrary waveform and function generators. These features allow EA instruments to produce or sink power as needed to simulate real-world conditions and test any power device in an electric vehicle.

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EA Elektro-Automatik and the Automotive EV/HEV Industry - Bidirectional PSB Series Featured

E-Mobility Ecosystem

Save Energy and Run Cooler

EA-PSB Supplies and ELR Loads Have Regenerative Energy Recovery

Return 96 % of the energy absorbed by ELR DC electronic loads and PSB Bidirectional Power Supplies (in sink mode) to the power grid

  • Save utility costs and HVAC costs
  • Reduce cooling fan size and noise
  • Reduce cooling infrastructure for high power instruments
  • Reduce floor space requirements by >50 % compared to traditional dissipative loads.
  • Contribute to protecting the environment
  • Combine flexibly to get your desired power, e.g. a 30kW with a 15kW device to obtain a 45kW device

Battery Simulation

PSB 10000 Series – The Perfect Bidirectional Test Platform

  • Seamless current change between source and sink mode
  • Full power in source and sink mode
  • SOC (State-of-charge) simulation
  • Ultra compact size

Test Higher Power Systems

Products Used in Automotive

PSB Bidirectional DC Power Supplies
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PS/PSI Autoranging DC Power Supplies
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Turnkey Power Racks
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