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Simplified EV Battery & Fuel Cell Testing with Regenerative DC Loads: Save Costs and the Environment

August 17, 2021

Simplified, cost-effective testing of EV batteries and fuel cells with regenerative DC electronic loads, and bidirectional DC power supplies that incorporate them, can return up to 96% of the energy absorbed by the load to the power grid. This energy-conscious approach to test saves utility costs and HVAC costs, reduces cooling fan size and noise, reduces cooling infrastructure for high power instruments and reduces overall impact on the test environment and the larger environment as a whole. Register for the webinar to learn more.


  • Benefits of simulating and testing Fuel Cells with regenerative electronic loads
  • Advantages of Testing Fuel Cells with 96% Efficient Regenerative Electronic Loads
  • “Green” Testing of EV batteries and Fuel Cells with Regenerative Electronic Loads
  • Save costs and the environment using regenerative electronic loads for EV battery and fuel cell test.
  • Regenerative electronic loads for testing EV batteries and Fuel Cells – save costs and the environment
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