Next Generation Battery Test System

EA-BTS 10300 Series
Integrated high-power/voltage, battery testing

Turnkey and ready to go today and for the next 10 years

Compact, automated and cost-effective

  • User-friendly, built-in safety for both battery and operator, intuitive software, customizable touchscreen user interface
  • Easy-to-use turn-key battery solution that grows with your test requirements
  • Modular and customizable – swap out units when needed without a service tech
  • Expandable to match higher-power battery technologies

Highest power density

  • Up to 2,400 A per rack and 30,720 A total capacity
  • 300 kW in a single 42U high rack (parallel racks for up to 3.84 MW)
  • Requires just one-third of the floor space compared to competitive racks – one 300 kW rack consumes only 6.5 sq ft of floor space

Fully integrated test solution

  • Complete future-proofed integrated solution to adapt to new EV battery technologies
  • Specially designed Battery Test Software included (EA-BTS)
  • 24” touch panel display and user interface
  • Power Control and Measurement Module (PCMM)

Cool, efficient, fast operation with regenerative electronic load

The 10300 Series features SiC-based switching that provides cool, efficient, and fast operation.

  • The system returns power to the grid with as much as 96.5% efficiency
  • System slew rates are at least twice as fast as other systems, enabling more precise testing
  • Fast data acquisition rates as much as 1.5 kHz captures events that other test systems miss

EA-BTS 10300 vs. Typical Battery Test System 



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