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It's Our 50th Birthday

We are excited to be a part
of Tektronix, a leader in
test and measurement
solutions for over 75 years.

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NEW! EA-BTS 10300

Compact, automated and cost-effective
battery test system.

Turnkey high power/voltage.
Ready to go today and for the next 10 years.

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Battery tests with triple the output
High current. High voltage.
High precision. High speed.

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New Technology and
Training Center in Detroit

On-site training and high-power testing

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See EA products take on
demanding power test applications

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EA Powered–Electronics
for the industries of tomorrow

eMobility, Renewable Energy,
State-of-the-Art Manufacturing and More

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Next Generation Power Supplies & Electronic Loads

For research & development, industry, and education

BT 20000 Battery Testing Supplies
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PSB Bidirectional DC Power Supplies
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PS/PSI Autoranging DC Power Supplies
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Turnkey Power Racks
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Industrial Series – Conventional, Bidirectional and Regenerative
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EL/ELR Regenerative DC & Conventional Electronic Loads
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PS/EL Bench DC Supplies & Loads
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Digital Interfaces
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We are excited to be a part of the Tektronix family. Our customers will experience the same EA quality and service now backed by the Tektronix legacy of innovation.

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