Digital Interfaces

Interface cards for EL/ELR PS/PSI/PSE/PSB 10000 2U-3U

AnyBus Communication interface modules


  • Easy installation, plug ‘n play
  • For common digital industrial interfaces: ProfiNet, Profibus, CANopen, ModbusTCP, Ethernet, DeviceNet, EtherCAT, RS232, and more
  • In-field swappable, just a screwdriver needed
  • For device series EL/ELR PS/PSI/PSE/PSB 9000 2U-3U
  • Compatible to Modbus (not all modules) and SCPI protocol
Interface Mode EA Part Number
CANopen-Interface EA-IF-AB-CANO Datasheet
RS232-Interface EA-IF-AB-RS232 Datasheet
PBUS DPV1-Interface EA-IF-AB-PBUS Datasheet
Ethernet 1 Port-Interface EA-IF-AB-ETH1P Datasheet
Profinet 1 Port-Interface EA-IF-AB-PNET1P Datasheet
Modbus-TCP 1 Port Interface EA-IF-AB-MBUS1P Datasheet
Ethernet 2 Port-Interface EA-IF-AB-ETH2P Datasheet
Modbus-TCP 2 Port Interface EA-IF-AB-MBUS2P Datasheet
Profinet 2 Port-Interface EA-IF-AB-PNET2P Datasheet
License code Multi Control EA-License code Multi Control Datasheet
CAN Interface EA-IF-AB-CAN Datasheet
Multi license code Multi Control EA-License code Multi Control Datasheet
EtherCAT-Interface EA-IF-AB-ECT Datasheet

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