Battery Testers

EA-BT 20000 Triple

High-current, high-precision and high-speed battery testing with triple output

State of Health (SOH) and End of Life (EOL) testing of three battery packs at the same time

  • 3 channels at 600 A each, parallel for 1800 A
  • Power capacity to 30 kW and voltage up to 920 V
  • Cell, module or pack tests up to 1.92 MW
  • Built-in interfaces with 1 ms communication speed
  • Cost savings through less equipment

EA-BTS 10300 Series

Integrated high-power/voltage battery testing

Compact, automated and cost-effective. Ready to go today and for the next 10 years

  • 2,400 A per rack and 30,720 A total capacity
  • 300 kW in a single 42U high rack, parallel to 3.84 MW
  • One-third of the floor space – only 6.5 sq ft of floor space
  • Modular solution adapts to new EV battery technologies
  • Intuitive software, customizable touchscreen user interface

Want to learn more about EV battery testing? Check out these resources:

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