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Ships have been powered by alternating current (AC) systems for many years, but that’s changing. Marine engineers are now questioning the use of AC power distribution onboard ships and are attempting to find more efficient and climate-friendly solutions. Just as the automotive industry is moving toward powering automobiles and heavy-duty trucks and equipment with batteries and fuel cells, the marine industry is moving toward direct current (DC) systems. These DC systems will work in concert with the AC on-board grid to power electrical and electronic devices, and in some cases, the ship’s power train.

Marine regenerative power equipment reduces operating and test costs

Regenerative power technology is playing a major role today in reducing operating costs as mechanical equipment manufacturers work to improve energy efficiently. Regenerative power equipment recovers kinetic energy created when a motor stops or brakes, converts that energy to electricity, and feeds it back to the power source. Hybrid and electric vehicles do this by recovering some of the energy that is generated when a driver brakes the vehicle. The energy recovered is fed back into the battery system. Any system that starts and stops frequently is a good candidate for power regeneration. On board a ship, candidates for power regeneration include hoists, cranes, elevators, spindle drives, and decanter centrifuges. These all start and stop frequently, so regenerating the energy from this equipment can significantly reduce marine operating costs.

Power regeneration can also be put to good use in electronic test systems. Testing high-power systems as one might find on board a ship can be very costly, but if regenerative power supplies are used in these applications, manufacturers can reduce those tests costs significantly. Modern regenerative power supplies also reduce test costs by requiring less floor space and rack space usage, dissipating less heat, and require less maintenance than older power supplies.

EA’s regenerative bidirectional supplies are uniquely suited to testing the photovoltaic inverters, backup batteries, submarine batteries and hybrid controls used by the marine industry.

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