NEW: EA-10000 Industrial Series
With 60 kW in 6U. With 30 kW in 4U.
With up to 300 kW in a single rack.

EA-10000 Industrial Series

Conventional, Bidirectional and Regenerative

Powerful Performance

  • 6U Power with 60 kW including 21 models
  • 4U Power with 30 kW including 29 models
  • Large selection of 48 models for special applications

Powerful Rack Performance

  • A 19“ rack with 42U for a system with 300 kW
  • One unit with up to 13 racks with 64 units of 60 kW each
  • For high power applications up to 3.84 MW

Powerful Efficiency

  • Fewer units for a high power system
  • Less rack space required
  • Less operating costs

For future-oriented applications:

  • Tests of batteries and fuel cells
  • Simulations of batteries and solar systems
  • The complete discharge of batteries for recycling
  • The fail-safe power supply of electrolysis plants
  • Sustainable power electronics for aviation applications
  • For use in ATE systems and automated process control systems

The high-tech features:

  • DC input / output with autoranging
  • Digital (FPGA) controlled DC input / output U – I – P – R
  • Latest SiC technology
  • LED‘s in the front to indicate the status of the device
  • Optional stainless steel water cooling
  • AC mains input with extended range (380 V – 480 V, 3ph AC)
  • Built-in interfaces: Ethernet, USB, Analog
  • Optional Interfaces: CAN, CANopen, EtherCAT, RS232, Profibus, Profinet, Modbus, Ethernet

Optionally available:

  • Emergency stop (machine standards EN60204-1)
  • Grid monitor (ENS)
  • Insulation monitor
  • Copper busbar for DC output

For efficiency and sustainability:

  • Master-Auxiliary-Bus and Share-Bus
    To make a multi-device system behave like a single device
  • Energy recovery greater than 96%.
    Regenerative load operation with energy recovery into the grid
  • Autoranging
    The principle of automatic switching
  • Optional: Function generator and more
    Ramp function, arbitrary generator, LUT, integrated PV characteristic curve
  • Variety of devices for every requirement
    21 models in 60 kW series and 29 models in 30 kW series

EA-10000 Industrial Series with 6U Power

21 models with 60 kW power

Category Series Models Datasheet
Power Unit EA-PU 10000 6U
Power Unit Bidirectional EA-PUB 10000 6U
Power Unit Load EA-PUL 10000 6U

EA-10000 Industrial Series with 4U Power

29 models with 30 kW power

Category Series Models Datasheet
Power Unit EA-PU 10000 4U
Power Unit Bidirectional EA-PUB 10000 4U
Power Unit Load EA-PUL 10000 4U

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