Battery Powered Electric trains

Electrical-propulsion systems have powered trains for more than 100 years, and today, traveling long distances by battery-powered trains is a reality. These are not just demonstration projects. Forward-looking companies are committing resources to electrify our most important mode of mass transportation. One advantage of battery-powered electric trains is that they are not limited to places where overhead lines can be installed. Another advantage is that electric trains are much quieter than traditional trains, meaning that travelers enjoy a much more comfortable environment.

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To test the batteries and power electronics components that drive these new electric trains, you need test equipment that’s up to the task. EA Elecktro-Automatik has the equipment needed for this new era of locomotive technology. For example, EA’s PSB Series of bi-directional power supplies allows you to test DC-DC converters without using a real battery, while our PSI Series DC power supplies provide flexible waveform generation that allow you test compliance to the EN 50155-2017 standard. EA’s ELR Regenerative DC loads offer the best power density for battery life testing for both Li-ion and fuel cell technology.

Products Used in Railway Technology

PS/PSI Autoranging DC Power Supplies
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Application Solutions

Typical Test Setup

Fuel Cell Simulation in EA PowerControl

Fuel Cell Simulation in EA PowerControl

Battery Simulation in EA Battery Simulator

Battery Simulation in EA Battery Simulator

Case Studies

High Performance Tests with High Dynamics

Real-life example of a test rack

To test high-performance electric trains, you need high-performance DC power supplies. For example, to ensure compliance with the EN 50155-2017 standard, DC-DC converters in battery-powered electric trains have to tested to ensure that they will operate safely. 

In addition, voltage fluctuation tests are also required for the main power modules in the train. To perform these tests, EA can supply a compact power rack (240kW/42U) with bidirectional power supplies that have a flexible function generator that allows you to produce the waveforms called out by the standard. 

Waveform of the voltage fluctuation (300V/2,5ms, no load condition)

A ripple of 60Hz at 220Vdc offset (no load condition)

Example of a 180kW Power Rack

  • Source mode: (from top to the 3rd unit)
  • Sink mode (from the 4th to the lowest unit)
  • Full Load Verification
    Source and sink interconnected
    450V / 200A / 90k

An example of a 180kW Power Rack


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