Battery Test and Simulation

We can source and sink power

Batteries have become a huge part of our daily lives. Electrical and electronic devices are becoming increasingly mobile, meaning that batteries are required to power everything including security cameras, computers, drones, automobiles, and buses. The batteries used in these products require significant testing during development and production to ensure they will meet real-world demands.

Traditionally, engineers used programmable DC power supplies to charge batteries and resistive or electronic loads to discharge them. Today, a single instrument—the bidirectional, regenerative power supply—can perform both tests. Using a bidirectional, regenerative power supply saves equipment costs and valuable rack space, as well as energy costs by regenerating the energy from a discharging battery back into the local grid.

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The EA Elektro-Automatik PSB Series can transition seamlessly between providing DC power to charge batteries and sinking DC power during discharge cycles. The energy it sinks from a discharging battery can then be put back into the local grid, saving both energy and heating costs for the testing facility. And, EA’s DC power supplies and loads come standard with pre-installed battery test software for both lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries to make setting up and running your battery tests even easier.

Application Solutions

PSB being used to simulate a battery in an electric vehicle