EA Bidirectional DC Power Supplies

Programmable power supply & regenerative load all in one

The EA-PSB Series bidirectional DC programmable power supply with integrated, regenerative electronic load series provides 15kW in 3U or 30kW in 4U chassis with up to 2000 VDC. This high power series easily parallels supplies up to 1.92MW of racked power. All EA Elektro-Automatik DC power supplies and loads feature true autoranging to cover a wider operating range of voltage and current, while still maintaining full output. This means that a much wider range of test routines can be addressed with a single EA bidirectional DC power supply with autoranging.

The bidirectional PSB has a built-in regenerative load that boasts 96% energy recovery saving operating costs and almost entirely reducing energy dissipated as heat, making the PSB budget friendly as well as environmentally friendly.

The PSB series bidirectional DC power supply features 5″ TFT Gorilla® Glass touchscreen display for intuitive control and programming. The intelligent interface allows you to configure and test quickly. EA bidirectional dc power supplies come standard with an arbitrary waveform function generator, swappable digital interface module and built-in test routines for battery test, fuel cell simulation, photovoltaic simulation with MPP tracking, and more.

2 Minute PSB Benefits Summary Video

19 Inch Slide-in Housing

(Series PSB and PSB 10000)

  • Bidirectional
  • Autoranging
  • Color Touchscreen
Technical Specifications
  • Nominal power 2500W to 30000W
    Systems up to 1.92MW parallel operation
  • Nominal voltage 60V to 2000V
  • Nominal current 20A to 1000A
  • Master-Auxiliary-Bus for parallel connection
  • 19″ Full insertion, 3U or 4U housing
  • Analog / USB interface, further options retrofittable
  • Microprocessor (FPGA) controlled
  • Internal resistance control
  • Battery test mode
  • Arbitrary generator & car startup curve
  • Optional: Digital, swappable interface modules
  • SCPI and ModBus protocol
  • LabView VIs and control software
  • High resolution of up to 16 Bit
  • Safety compliant to IEC/EN 61010
  • EMI compliant to EN 55022 class B

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Series Power Connection Voltage Current Power Datasheet Get Quote
EA-PSB 10000 3U 208-480+10 % 3ph 0-10V to 0-2000V 0-20A to 0-510A 5 kW / 10 kW / 15 kW Get a Quote
EA-PSB 10000 2U 100-240+10 % 1ph 0-10V to 0-1500V 0-6A to 0-120A 600-3000W Get a Quote
EA-PSB 10000 4U 208-480+10 % 3ph 0-10V to 0-2000V +-0-40A to 0-1000A 30kW Get a Quote
EA-PSB 9000 3U (EOL) 380-480V~ 3ph L-L 0-60V to 0-1500V +-0-20A to +-0-360A 5000-15000W Get a Quote
EA-PSB 9000 3U 208V (EOL) 220-240V~ 0-60V to 0-750V +-0-20A to +-0-120A 2500W Get a Quote