EA 10000 Series Bidirectional Regenerative DC Power Supplies and Loads

Learn more about EA’s new 10000 series, state-of-the-art solutions for your demanding test applications.

The electrification of the world is in full progress. EA is developing the leading power electronics for tomorrow’s technologies – efficient, cost-saving and regenerative.

Say yes to more than 180 models.

Experience EA’s state-of-the-art test solutions with programmable, autoranging DC power supplies, bidirectional DC power supplies and regenerative DC electronic loads.

  • Comprehensive programmable power solutions with:
  • Autoranging DC Power Supplies, EA-PS and EA-PSI
  • Bidirectional DC power supplies, EA-PSB
  • Regenerative electronic DC loads, EA-ELR

Accomplish more with:

  • Power range from 600 W to 30 kW,
  • Output current from 6 A to 1000 A
  • Output voltage from 10 V to 2000 V

Say yes to efficient applications test.
Autoranging gives you access to larger voltage and current ranges in one device.

Say yes to greater than 96 % energy recovery.
Reduce power consumption, save operating costs and conserve our natural resources.

Say yes to safe and easy parallel connection.
Combine up to 64 devices in the EA-Power racks, with devices safely sharing load requirements to output up to 1.92 MW.

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