Meeting the needs of avionics testing

Aircraft electronics and other electrically powered equipment aboard an aircraft are subject to some of most extreme power conditions. To ensure that avionics will operate reliably once in the air, they are subjected to a wide variety of tests that prove their ability to withstand over-and under-voltage conditions, power dropouts, and voltage transients. MIL-STD-704 ‘Aircraft Electric Power Characteristics’ establishes the requirements and characteristics of aircraft electric power, while MIL-HDBK-704-7 and MIL-HDBK-704-8 describe the test methods and procedures for equipment designed to operate from 270 VDC and 28 VDC power, respectively.

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Elektro-Automatik’s line of DC power supplies, electronic loads and bidirectional power supplies have features that will put today’s avionics to the test and still meet future needs. EA’s PSI, EL, ELR and PSB product series can provide up to 2000V, have auto-ranging and on-board arbitrary waveform and function generation. This flexibility allows EA to produce or sink power needed to simulate real world conditions and ensure that avionics and airborne equipment will continue operate even in the most adverse conditions.

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Testing Products Used in Aviation


The EA power supply is an essential tool for avionics professionals, offering a wide range of testing applications, including compliance with several DC power standards. Avionics DC compliance test standards such as Airbus ABD0100.1.8 (A380), Airbus ABD0100.1.8.1 (A350), Airbus AMD24C, Boeing 787B3-0147 (B787), MIL-STD-704, Rev A, Rev F, and RTCA/DO-160, Rev G can be supported by the EA power supply.

Precise and consistent DC power stimulus provided by the EA power supply plays a significant role in identifying potential issues or weaknesses in avionics systems. This feature facilitates corrective measures to ensure that electronic systems aboard aircraft operate reliably and safely while complying with regulatory requirements. For avionics professionals, the EA power supply is an indispensable tool that can be used for routine maintenance, diagnosing issues, or performing compliance testing.

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Application Solutions

Inventing New Power and Test Routines

EA Elektro-Automatik power supply and load technologies are relied upon by today’s new aviation pioneers as they move rapidly to innovate every facet of aerospace power systems in their drive to switch from AC to DC power. Each new electronic system and device must be thoroughly tested for performance, reliability, EMI interference and safety. Every solution presents first-of-its-kind challenges that must be proven out initially in development labs on the ground, and ultimately in flight.

  • High power DC electric propulsion motors (electric turbines) with megawatt-capable peak power levels
  • Passenger-related heat/air conditioning, lighting, infotainment
  • Heavy-duty landing flaps/braking/landing gear
  • Avionics instrumentation
  • Battery capacity and efficiency for long distance flights – fuel cells paired with non-flammable battery boosters

The industry is focused on re-defining the entire “green” aviation ecosystem and hydrogen supply chain, beyond what is taking place to prepare the plane itself for flight. This includes hydrogen fuel produced by electrolysers, powered by solar power installations, as well as transporting the hydrogen fuel to the airport in emerging electric-powered trucks.

Testing the Future of Flight

EA Elektro-Automatik offers a range of power conversion products to properly test all these electrical and electronic devices and networks, with power ranges of 320W up to 3.84MW, and voltage ranges from of 0-60 VDC to up to 0-2000 VDC and current ranges up to 64,000A. EA products are particularly well-suited for these demanding test routines.

  • True Autoranging Capability. This allows engineers to test a greater range of devices by delivering full power output over a wide range of voltages and currents. An EA supply can provide full power output down to 1/3 of its maximum voltage and current. As a result, EA can often provide a lower power DC supply for a given load requirement, save test rack space, and save on cooling requirements, all of which enables substantial cost savings and test system simplification.
  • Bidirectional Regenerative Power Supplies. EA Elektro-Automatik’s bidirectional power supplies are regenerative in sink mode, so that during testing (specifically long-term testing), the energy extracted from the device under test is recovered and sent back into the grid with 96% efficiency, paying for itself in just a few years.
  • Built-in Function Generator. Unlike conventional power supplies, an external signal generator is not needed to connect with a power supply to modulate the power supply output.
  • Electronic Loads with Energy Recovery. EA electronic loads with the same autoranging, function generator, and regenerative energy recovery features can test the fuel cell power source. The electronic load can simulate a wide range of states of the load, including failure states to ensure the fuel cell can output the necessary power and safely respond to any operating mode of the load.

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