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Automating test equipment processes is crucial in today’s competitive business environment. Automated tests take less time than manual tests and are generally more effective and comprehensive. One reason for this is that automated tests eliminate the possibility of operator error. Tests run the same way every time and test data gathered electronically is available for immediate analysis. The end result is better testing with lower test costs.

Power sources and electronic loads are important components of any automatic test equipment (ATE) system. They need to be accurate, reliable, and easy to integrate into your ATE system. Elektro-Automatik’s line of DC power supplies, electronic loads and bidirectional power supplies have features that help automate test processes and perform more effective tests, including:

  • Up to 2000V DC output
  • High power density
  • True auto-ranging
  • On-board arbitrary waveform and function generation

These features allow EA power supplies and electronic loads to produce or sink power needed to simulate real world conditions and ensure that automatic test systems operate reliably and efficiently.

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PS/PSI Autoranging DC Power Supplies
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