EA Turnkey High Power DC Racks

EA Elektro-Automatik’s turnkey DC power racks and cabinet systems utilize either bidirectional programable DC power supplies or regenerative DC electronic loads to produce test solutions with output power up to 1.92MW. Visit to learn more about EA’s state-of-the-art solutions for your demanding test applications.

EA’s dc power rack and cabinet systems leverage our flexible high-power dc supplies and electronic loads into turnkey systems with 19-inch cabinet systems from 30 kilowatts up to 240 kilowatts and parallel capability to source or sync up to 2 megawatts. EA power rack solutions come ready for use and with safety systems that are fully integrated, wired and prepared in compliance with en 60201-1 saving customers a significant amount of engineering and installation time. The power rack systems include individual breakers for each supply or load plus an emergency stop on the cabinet door with door interlocks.

These racks are based on our highly flexible PSI series true autoranging power supplies that can deliver full power down to 33% of the rated output voltage our ELR series regenerative electronic loads that save power and cost by converting load current back to the local grid at up to 96% efficiency or our PSB series bidirectional supplies that combine both of these technologies into a single unit. The racks provide voltage ratings up to 2000 volts and current ratings up to 8000 amps per cabinet. They also feature a function generator that can be used to simulate various voltage and current waveforms or load profiles simulating photovoltaics, battery systems, fuel cells, and more.

The system is set up in a master-auxiliary configuration and can be easily controlled from the front panel. They can also be remotely controlled via the built-in usb ethernet and analog interfaces or through a variety of additional interfaces available through EA anybus modules. In addition to standard air-cooled systems, we offer water-cooled racks to reduce audible noise and HVAC requirements. These systems have pre-plumbed water distribution systems for quick and easy connection to the building facilities.

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