EA PSI – Autoranging Programmable Power Supplies

EA Elektro-Automatik”s PSI series of autoranging programmable DC power supplies with built-in arbitrary waveform function generator. Featuring 15 kW in 3U and 30 kW in 4U with 2000 Vdc models scalable up to 2MW of power. Learn more about EA’s newest PSI series, now with Water Cooled model available.

Test and characterization labs working with high voltage, high power devices can increase flexibility and lower operating costs with EA Elektro-Automatik’s PSI Series of programmable high efficiency DC power supplies.

PSI series power supplies have an a true autoranging output stage that allows users to maintain the full rated output power of the supply over a wider voltage and current range than power supplies with a standard power stage. This allows enables the PSI series to provide more flexibility in testing products at multiple voltages and the ability to adapt to changing test needs without replacing the power supply.

The PSI series also has a built-in function generator for custom voltage or current waveforms, and can be controlled through an easy-to-use touchscreen or remotely through an analog port, USB, ethernet, or using Anybus modules to add your preferred interface at any time. The function generator is capable of simulating photovoltaic arrays and can be used to test photovoltaic inverter maximum power point tracking efficiency.

The PSI series operates at up to 95.5% efficiency, which reduces energy costs and the amount of heat generated by the power supply. This lowers facility HVAC costs and decreases noise on the test floor. For high power applications using the PSI 10000 series, thermal management can be further simplified using the water-cooling option

PSI 9000 2U models have a universal 1-phase AC input, while the PSI 9000 3U and PSI 10000 models have a 3-phase AC input with either a standard 208V option or a unique wide-range option that operates from 342V – 528V allowing for seamless global deployment and relocation.

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