EA PSB Bidirectional Power Supply – Enabling EV Battery Recycling

Second life opportunities for EV batteries include home energy storage, emergency power supplies, power buffers and more. But before moving on, every EV battery requires testing to determine capacity and state of health.

The EA PSB bidirectional DC power supplies are the perfect choice, with multiple power options and easy-to-use interfaces. Learn about EA Elektro-Automatik’s PSB bidirectional DC power supplies and the benefits they offer in the process of testing and discharging EV batteries for their second life.

  • The PSB functions at 96% efficiency for source and sink, providing significant power savings
  • Primary and auxiliary functionality for up to 2MW
  • Facilitates easy testing through a built-in function generator
  • Controlling through touchscreen or automation
  • Multiple interfaces, including CAN, CANopen, RS232, ModBus, ethernet and more

As a bidirectional DC power supply, the PSB includes many of the features needed in testing, such as true autoranging and a function generator and sinking current.

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Learn more about EA Elektro-Automatik PSB bidirectional DC power supplies.

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