EA PSB Bidirectional Power Supply – Continuous Source and Sink Demo

See how the Bidirectional DC power supply from EA Elektro-Automatik continuously sources and sinks current in this demo. Learn more about bidirectional programmable DC power supplies.

I want to show a continuous seamless transition between source and sync mode so in order to do that we’ve got a bidirectional PSB and the output of that is connected to our convention PSI power supply with an ELR regenerative load in parallel. So the ELR load and PSI combination act just like a PSB but it obviously requires two boxes instead of our one box solution.

The PSI is set up for 12 volts and an output of 10 amps and our PSB is going to go above and below our PSI set point because that will determine whether we’re in source or sync mode. So again our PSI is at 12 volts and when our PSB goes to approximately 16 volts, it’s going to start discharging energy out back through the load that’s connected in parallel with our psi. As the PSB voltage goes down to 6 volts then the PSI is going to discharge back through that PSB and we’ll see this basically continuously going back and forth on the scope with the voltage waveform. You will see that our PSB doesn’t require any external relays or delays or anything like that when going from source to sync mode. Watch the video to see the entire demonstration performed.

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