EA Industrial Series – High Power Conventional, Bidirectional and Regenerative

The Industrial series is intended for use in production ATE systems and automated process control systems requiring high power.

  • Ability to parallel up to 64 power supplies and loads, which can be paralleled up to 3.84 MW
  • Bidirectional power supplies and regenerative electronic loads that return up to over 96% of absorbed power back to the grid
  • All models have overcurrent, overvoltage, overpower, and overtemperature protection
  • True autoranging capability enabling the engineer to test more devices without the need for more instruments
  • Simulates power devices and creates AC + DC signals with optional built-in arbitrary waveform function generator 

The increased power capability enables engineers to reduce the number of power instruments needed for a high-power system, saving critical rack space and providing more power in a smaller footprint. 

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