EA ELR – Regenerative Electronic Loads

EA Elektro-Automatik”s ELR series of regenerative DC electronic loads are state-of-the-art. Featuring 15 kW in 3U and 30 kW in 4U and a built-in function generator. Learn more about EA’s newest ELR series, now with Water Cooled model available.

Conventional electronic loads simply dissipate power as heat at low power levels. This is hardly noticeable but as power levels increase into the kilowatt or megawatt range typically seen with solar panels or EV traction motors and batteries, the energy and cooling costs become excessive. Elektro-Automatik’s ELR series of regenerative electronic loads work by efficiently converting the DC input to an AC output that is fed back to the grid and it’s all handled in a compact rack mount chassis.

Compared to a traditional resistive load bank, these regenerative loads greatly reduce the net energy costs of the test system. This also results in less heat being generated by the load which leads to lower fan noise and reduces the HVAC system operating and maintenance costs for additional cost savings.

EA Elektro-Automatik’s ELR series loads are available in 15 kilowatt 3U or 30 kilowatt 4U versions with the ability to connect up to 64 units to address load requirements up to 2 megawatts. Their rack mount design simplifies test setup and saves valuable test floor space compared to large resistive load banks. The ELR series features an FPGA based digital controller with an arbitrary waveform generator that enables customizable load profiles and the ability to simulate loads with non-linear resistances, such as led chains and batteries.

The loads can operate in constant voltage constant current constant power or constant resistance modes and can be controlled manually via the touch screen or remotely through the built-in usb or ethernet ports as well as various optional interface modules. The loads include a highly flexible battery test function to test all kinds of batteries and they can run in static or dynamic discharge modes to meet various battery testing requirements. The ELR series loads also support maximum power point tracking for use in testing solar panels. With MPP tracking the load simulates the functionality of a solar inverter and has various modes for identifying and tracking the maximum power point.

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