EA Elektro-Automatik Industry Leader Award: NI an Innovator in EV Battery Testing

NI (formerly National Instruments) was recognized for inspiring leadership as an early innovator in electric vehicle/battery testing. NI has focused on advancing electric vehicle technology within the larger space of automated test and measurement systems in the transportation, energy, aerospace and research industries. NI was also chosen for the company’s excellence in other areas, including company culture, community involvement and core values. It is especially significant that NI is recognized as the first recipient due to its pledge of company and community service, along with its advances in the field of EV battery testing and technology.

The EA Elektro-Automatik Industry Leader Award is presented to companies and individuals that represent the very best of the electronics community. Innovators in technology leadership surmount tremendous barriers to solve problems and bring products to market that make our lives better, simpler and healthier. EA Elektro-Automatik recognizes industry leaders for their tireless efforts in bringing new solutions that require immense amounts of time, engineering achievements, innovation and advancements.

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