EA Autoranging Introduction

EA Elektro-Automatik’s True Autoranging technology allows our DC Programmable Power Supplies to maintain full power over a wider current and voltage range. Essentially you can test more applications with one unit. Read more about EA’s power supply and load technology.

Programmable dc sources are used in virtually every product development lab and production test environment and electronic devices are often tested under various power supply conditions. This is problematic with conventional power supplies that have a square power profile as the rated power is only delivered at the maximum voltage and current.

A typical 5 kilowatt supply rated for 500 volts and 10 amps addresses the voltage range of our 3 kilowatt duty but it can’t supply the current needed at 180 volts despite having a much higher power rating than the dut. This can be addressed using different supplies for each test condition or by oversizing to an even larger power supply, such as a 10 kilowatt supply rated for 500 volts and 20 amps, But both options increase equipment cost and rack or bench space.

Alternatively, engineers can use an autoranging power supply. Autoranging power supplies have a more dynamic power profile scaling current up as voltage drops and vice versa and while many autoranging power supplies start to lose power before dropping to even 50% of their rated output voltage, EA Elektro-Automatik’s true autoranging capability provides full power down to 33% of the rated output voltage.

Driving our 3kW duty can be easily done with a 5kW 500 volt PSI9000 series supply as it can supply up to 30 amps, or engineers can opt for the 5kW 750 volt PSI9000 series supply that can output up to 20 amps, meeting current test requirements while providing additional voltage to address future testing requirements. Both options offer more flexibility while saving money and rack space.

Simply put, autoranging allows you to test more with one device.

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