EA Elektro-Automatik Releases New Competitive Product Replacement Tool

San Diego March 29, 2022 – EA Elektro-Automatik ( has released a new Competitive Product Replacement Tool that provides an online resource for customers to  locate essential power products more efficiently.

The innovative new Competitive Product Replacement Tool enables customers to find comparable EA product solutions for major brands, all on one website, making it simple to identify the comparable competitor power supply without having to browse through manufacturer websites and data sheets. The Competitive Product Replacement Tool is easy to use and provides results within seconds of entering the search data on manufacturer, wattage and model number.

“We compiled all of the product specifications from each of these brands to make it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for, then we matched the exact data with EA brands that can quickly be identified through the tool”, said Craig Frahm, Global Marketing Manager.  “The new tool is just another example of our priority on creating products and tools that save time for busy engineers.“

EA Elektro-Automatik provides advanced power test technology that differentiates it from the competitors. EA Elektro-Automatik units lead the industry in power density with up to 15kW in 3U and 30kW in a 4U package. Additionally, EA bidirectional units provide best-in-class energy recovery, with more than 96% with the ability to generate less heat, generate less noise and cost less to operate, resulting in a quicker ROI.

Above all, EA Elektro-Automatik created and mastered the True Autoranging functionality on its units. Autoranging power supplies allow users to test more with one device, by offering a more dynamic power profile, scaling current up as voltage drops and vice versa. EA’s True Auto-Ranging feature also has the capability of producing full power down to 33% of the rated output voltage.

About EA Elektro-Automatik
EA Elektro-Automatik has been producing state-of-the-art Programmable DC Power Supplies and Electronic Loads since 1974 and is the number one brand in Europe for bidirectional supplies and regenerative loads. EA’s Autoranging Power Supplies lead the industry in output power flexibility, density and operating efficiency. In 2018 EA opened its North American Subsidiary in San Diego, California to bring the same high-performance, superior-quality power supplies and loads into the North American market for local sales and support. For more information, visit

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