EA Elektro-Automatik Expands its Ecological Engagement

Regenerative products and an environmental program reduce energy usage and operating costs

March 2021

EA Elektro-Automatik GmbH & Co. KG (EA) was able to save 50.3 t co2 and 90,000 kWh energy in 2020 and operating costs were reduced by 35,000 Euro. The key to stronger ecological engagement was the participation in the co-operation project ÖKOPROFIT from Viersen in Germany. “We have implemented numerous environmental projects, identified savings potential and raised the consciousness of our workforce to the subjects of resource protection and energy efficiency” according to Christian Kimpen, project co-ordinator for ÖKOPROFIT at EA.

The focus of ÖKOPROFIT (Ecological project for integrated environmental technology) is the sustainable economic and environmental strengthening of the participating organisations as well as their networking with the city and the area Viersen. On October 9, 2019, the kick-off meeting for the second round of ÖKOPROFIT took place at the open-air museum in Grefrath in Germany.

Our own regenerative products are the drivers and standards

As a global, mid-size company, EA researches, develops, manufactures, and sells high-tech equipment including electronic loads, laboratory power supplies and high-power mains connectors. Modern production facilities and automatic test systems with specially developed software and hardware assure the high quality of EA products and have led to EA’s advancement to be the leading European supplier in this segment.

EA is already active in the areas of resource protection and energy efficiency within its product range. The equipment is used in R & D and various industrial applications across many industries, from electrochemistry and process technology to telecommunications, from electro-mobility and fuel cell technology to wind and solar power. “Not only our energy sources but also our electronic loads with energy feedback are regenerative. We are driven and responsible, at the same time, to measure energy efficiency and resource protection of our business processes” says CEO Markus Schyboll.

Extensive actions implemented

Participation in the Viersen ÖKOPROFIT project in 2019 continued EA’s engagement for the environment. Several actions have already been implemented:

  • LED lighting, including sensors, throughout the whole company premises
  • Installation of photo-voltaic collectors with a generation of 99,000 kWh (in-house usage 91,000 kWh, mains feedback 8,000 kWh)
  • Switched delivery document packaging from plastic to paper
  • Installation of an automatic sliding door to separate ambient environment between the burn-in and test areas
  • Switched the vehicle fleet to electro-mobility
  • Actions taken for waste reduction and water saving

Workshops and advice from an environment consultant

EA additionally uses the consulting offered within the ÖKOPROFIT project: “We have participated in the workshops and profited from the valuable advice from the experienced environmental consultants” says Jörg Grüntjes. EA could establish contact with other participating companies, understand their product range and investigate synergy.

Delayed due to the Corona pandemic, EA was declared on 10th March 2021 as a “certified company in the area for ÖKOPROFIT” for Viersen area. Marina Heuermann from the Viersen City Business Development presented the Environment Certificate to the CEOs Markus Schyboll and Dr. Georg Bletschacher and the project leaders Christian Kimpen and Jörg Grüntjes.

Exceptional engagement of the workforce

“For us, the participation in the ÖKOPROFIT project is definitely on-going”, says Kimpen, “our associates from administration to production regularly bring their ideas – from fewer bin-liners due to consistent separation of waste in the offices, through time controlled warm water in the social areas, to loading measurements of production machines. This engagement is excellent and shows that we will remain an economic and ecologically strong business”


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EA Elektro-Automatik GmbH & Co. KG
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Handing over certificate in times of Corona (from left to right: Christian Kimpen, Dr. Georg Bletschacher, Marina Heuermann, Markus Schyboll, Jörg Grüntjes)

EA Elektro-Automatik will continue participating actively in the environmental program in the future

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