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EV Battery Testing and Fuel Cell Simulation

Here's what others have done in our demo lab:


Pre-purchase testing – Even bring in your own equipment

One prospect from the automotive industry brought in his company’s own software to test on EA equipment. He spent a couple of days in the Troy lab working with an EA Electronic Engineer to utilize EA equipment and get all his questions answered.

Equipment Trials – Customized to your testing parameters

A research center asked for a demonstration for its exact application in automotive testing. The tests were discussed and set-up ahead of time so everything was ready ahead of the center’s representatives arriving.

Features and benefits – EA support staff will optimize your solution

Rather than going on data sheets and guides alone, a manufacturer came in to see a demonstration that would show the capabilities of EA programmable power equipment. This helped in not only finding the right solution but also in how to enhance their manufacturing testing.

Starting your search – Advanced demonstrations for peace of mind

One company was beginning their search for new programmable power supplies that could test the new technology they were developing. EA was more than happy to show the differentiated features of EA programmable power equipment as well as help them in creating the list of the features they needed for their new products.

Training – Learn how to utilize EA equipment fully for success

EA offers training in a classroom setting to get your team off to a great start in battery testing. We’ve helped manufacturers with training their application engineers so new equipment is ready to plug in and go!