What will the future look like as we all work to transition to a sustainable energy future? Increasingly, it’s likely to become a DC-driven energy world, and EA Elektro-Automatik is moving aggressively to create the products and systems to help develop the infrastructure of tomorrow.

In fact, as your company is doing what it can to save energy and making an effort to be socially responsible, EA Elektro-Automatik is working alongside you to help you achieve your sustainability objectives. Many companies today have published goals for reducing their carbon footprint to minimize their environmental impact.

However, achieving those goals is a difficult challenge when the demand for manufacturing electronics and other products is rapidly increasing worldwide.

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Electrification is occurring in so many areas, including renewable energy generation for homes, buildings and factories, transportation vehicles of all types, agricultural vehicles, construction vehicles and energy storage systems. The future predicts interconnected communities in which energy is produced, shared, and re-generated in a locally, sustainable ecosystem. In this system, direct current electricity power, in all likelihood, will be the preferred transmission technology.

The Challenge in Electronic Product Manufacturing

Getting back from the idealized future to the present, producing new products requires energy-consuming manufacturing processes and quality control systems. Just think of a burn-in lab that runs near-continuously to capture infant mortality failures. The power consumption in a burn-in lab can be enormous. Operating the lab can require generating a large amount of greenhouse gases. Your goal is two-fold: performing the necessary testing and, simultaneously, reducing the energy required for testing.

EA Elektro-Automatik’s Contribution To Reducing Energy Consumption

This is where EA Elektro-Automatik can help meet your objectives. EA Elektro-Automatik is committed to producing products that support the global initiative of reducing carbon emissions and contributing to climate-neutral manufacturing processes. In fact, EA has been practicing greenhouse gas reduction in its own factory for many years. The key is using energy-saving products, such as regenerative bidirectional power supplies and regenerative electronic loads that minimize the impact on the environment. EA regenerative instruments operate with up to 96% efficiency when returning absorbed energy back to the AC grid. This industry-leading efficiency not only drives ROI for our customers but also saves both utility costs associated with the regenerative test instruments and costs that would be required to dissipate the heat and keep the instruments at a safe operating temperature. Furthermore, the bidirectional power supply combines both sourcing and sinking in one instrument. Thus, the capital cost of a second instrument is saved when power sourcing and sinking are required for testing such devices as DC-DC converters and battery packs.

You Can Save Manufacturing Costs and Reduce Carbon Footprint

Working with EA as your partner, you CAN do both – manufacture with greater efficiency and reduce your company’s carbon footprint. The savings on annual utility costs for both the instruments and the cooling infrastructure when using regenerative instruments can allow you to show a good return on investment for your selection of regenerative instrumentation. In addition, you are contributing to your company’s goals of reducing its impact on the environment. It’s an approach that makes financial sense, environmental sense and is common sense for all of us working toward a more habitable planet and an interconnected, sustainable future.

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