EA Bidirectional DC Supplies for a Better Future

EA’s flagship PSB 10000 Programmable, Bidirectional DC Power Supply with integrated DC Regenerative Electronic Load is truly enabling the development of renewable energy mobility solutions. The PSB can source and sink power seamlessly and recover energy to return to the electrical grid at 96% efficiency.

The PSB is ideal for testing and simulating Electric Vehicle batteries and fuel cells for the future of transportation, including aviation. Further renewable energy applications include EV cell/pack/stack battery testing, powering electrochemical electrolysis processing (such as Hydrogen) and solar inverter testing due to included solar array simulation software.

Its superior design with silicon carbide enables high power density, with up to 30 kW in 4U and up to 60 kW in 6U outputting up to 2000 VDC and 1000 amps. With easy paralleling, a single 42U rack can achieve 300 kW output, and racks can be paralleled to reach a staggering 3.84 MW in total DC power output.

The PSB 10000 from EA Elektro-Automatik truly is powering renewable energy solutions for a better future (and possibly futures)!