Bidirectional Power Supplies and Regenerative Loads

EA Electronic loads FAQs

PSB Bidirectional DC Power Supplies

Bidirectional programmable power supplies to source and sink power, with 96% energy recovery back to the grid.

PS/PSI Autoranging DC Power supplies

PSI Autoranging DC Power Supplies

Autoranging, unidirectional programmable power supplies with built-in function generator.

EL/ ELR Regenerative DC & Conventional Electric Loads

ELR Regenerative DC Electronic Loads

Regenerative electronic loads return 96% of energy back to the grid for significant cost and environmental savings.

EA-10000 Industrial Series

Conventional, Bidirectional and Regenerative

Powerful Performance

  • 6U Power with 60 kW including 21 models
  • 4U Power with 30 kW including 29 models
  • Large selection of 48 models for special applications

Powerful Rack Performance

  • A 19″ rack with 42U for a system with 300 kW
  • One unit with up to 13 racks with 64 units of 60 kW each
  • For high power applications up to 3.84 MW

Powerful Efficiency

  • Fewer units for a high power system
  • Less rack space required
  • Less operating costs

Turnkey Power Racks


  • For 380 V, 400 V, and 480 V AC
  • Rated power up to 240 kW per cabinet or up to a maximum of 1920 kW as master-auxiliary system
  • Nominal voltages up to 2000 V
  • Intuitive operation through the multilingual color TFT touch panel
  • Extensive function generator
  • Application for photovoltaics, battery, fuel cell and many more
  • Extensive protective functions (OVP, OCP, OT…)
  • USB, Ethernet, and analog interface as standard
  • Plug & Play slot for digital interfaces
  • All interfaces galvanically isolated
  • Built according to EN 60204-1 (Machinery Directive)

Various options:

  • Emergency stop system
  • Insulation monitoring
  • Mains and system protection (for regenerative devices)
  • Water Cooling

About EA Elektro-Automatik

EA Elektro-Automatik has been producing state-of-the-art programmable DC power supplies and electronic loads since 1974. The company is dedicated to providing power solutions that lead in technology advancement for research and development and manufacturing in the automotive, energy storage, telecommunications, alternative energies and aerospace industries. With a presence in the Americas, Europe and Asia, EA Elektro-Automatik’s autoranging power supplies lead the industry in output power flexibility, density and operating efficiency.